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Why CBD Is The New Best Thing For Baby Boomers

As many of us know, Baby Boomers are retiring from the workforce in droves. With life expectancy being longer, these newly retired Boomers want to stay active, but 30 years working can take a toll on the body – minor aches and pains, carpal tunnel, back issues, arthritis, and several other ailments may present itself. We’ve all witnessed a mature colleague that is on some type of pain management regimen for these minor maladies but is taking aspirin or naproxen a safe bet – we would lean towards no. As we age, we tend to develop different diseases or conditions. CBD has been proven to be a great natural alternative to over-the-counter (OTC) medications. There is also a report that there has been a decline in men and women purchasing OTC medications. Enter CBD is known scientifically as a cannabinoid, the all-natural alternative. image.png When Boomers hear CBD, they tend to associate that with drug use, or it is seen as forbidden in some circles. So here is the solution – we (Gen X’ers and Millennials) have to have open and candid conversations with our parents, grandparents, and other family members, demonstrating how effective and safe CBD actually is. According to research, the use of CBD has increased a whopping 212% over the last year. PR Newswire states that Millennials and Boomers are driving the increase. Millennials are introducing the positive effects of CBD use, and Boomers have the disposable income to purchase CBD products. Fun fact – Did you know that since meeting Snoop Dog, Martha Stewart not only supports the use of Cannabis products, but she also has an endorsement deal with Canopy Growth Corporation? So join us, Martha and Snoop, and take your assessment today! >>> CLICK HERE If you found this article interesting, please be sure to share.

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