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CBD for Seizures

Scientists know that Seizures cause changes in the electrical activity in the brain. Essentially seizures are a short circuit commonly known as an electrical storm in the brain; seizures can occur for any group, age, or sex without prejudice.

Moreover, there are many different types of seizures, and potential causes can include: epilepsy, brain infections, electrolyte imbalances, sleep deprivation, traumatic brain injury, or drug overdose.

Initially, scientists didn’t know what caused seizures. Today, researchers are perplexed on how and why CBD works better for epilepsy and seizures than other conventional medicine. In addition, seizures can be challenging to diagnose and treat because they manifest as either a medical condition or symptom of an associated disorder. Currently, the most widely recognized medications for seizures include anti-epileptic drugs and treatments that affect some brain regions via electrical currents.

Furthermore, several studies have shown the beneficial effects of CBD for seizures and its associated disorders. Recently, researchers reported impressive statistics over twelve weeks when they gave participants in a study Epidiolex without placebo control. All the individuals had treatment-resistant seizures ranging from 2-26 years and reduced their number by 54%. Another study on about 19 children experiencing uncontrollable seizures proved the therapeutic effect of CBD. The research showed positive results on 80% of the children who participated in the study reduced seizures.

Additionally, two children experienced a total cessation, and eight other children experienced about an 80% reduction in the recurrence of the seizures. Another six participants had achievements in the range of 25% to 60%; side effects were rare; the advantages exceeded the side effect; however, patients noticed they were drowsy and tired. These side effects were not profound and didn’t justify stopping the study. However, scientists need more research to investigate the beneficial effects in children long-term.

In a recent study, researchers found that CBD oil seizures reduced significantly in patients administered with an extract of the plant. The results showed noticeable improvements after just 12 weeks. Again, the study showed positive results as 36.5% of the patients experienced a reduction in seizures, and 2% noticed total cessation.
Scientists don’t know why CBD may be effective for epilepsy and seizures. However, the initial research suggests CBD may stimulate the release of a neurotransmitter or block its production. However, the research data isn’t conclusive.

In summary, while initial studies on CBD have been positive, government restrictions have made it difficult to conduct more extensive research. Currently, Cannabis is a Schedule 1 controlled substance; hence it’s challenging for scientists to legally conduct large-scale studies that would treat individuals suffering from seizures; although, 30% of people suffering from attacks can’t find relief from conventional drugs. With that said, there are several bills on the floor with mostly Democratic support. However, many red states have legalized Cannabis, and the hope is that Washington can get its act together and lift all limitations on the use of Cannabis.

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