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medibles’ launches its new health and fitness app for iOS and Android mobile devices…

Today, Los Angeles, February 06, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — medibles, the leading next-generation subscription-based platform, announced the launch of its new health and fitness app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This addition to the medibles’ platform technology suite illustrates the company’s initiative to build the most advanced next-generation subscription-based platform experience in the cannabis and hemp industry.  medibles’ created an online health assessment algorithm, using its medical advisory board’s expertise, the consumer’s unique individual profile, science, and cutting-edge technology to build a personalized CBD regimen recommendation tailored to each customer. 


As Cannabidiol becomes increasingly accepted as an alternative to prescription drugs, medibles is primed to become the most significant brand in the category. This mobile app provides a simple way for consumers to track their CBD regimen and update any medication changes for potential CBD and drug interactions. Furthermore, it allows customers to adjust their dosage, give reminders to take their CBD, and provide feedback to medical experts to ensure that their dosage works for their specific ailment, health, and wellness goals. “medibles is revolutionizing the way consumers take their CBD for specific ailments and transforming the challenge of dosage in an extremely unique and innovative way,” said Bobby Ntoya, founder and CEO. Furthermore, “medibles seeks to take the guesswork out of CBD dosage for consumers. The addition of our new health and mobile fitness app allows for a seamless experience for tracking and monitoring the customers CBD dosage.” 


The new mobile app makes tracking and monitoring their CBD easy and convenient, whether on a mobile device or a desktop. This ultimately allows customers to stay up to date with their CBD protocol. Innovative features on medibles mobile app include:


  • State-of-the-art technology to take an assessment. medibles mobile app includes the ability to take our free assessment through the app. This ability allows consumers to take or retake our assessment if their lifestyle changes without going to a desktop and getting an updated CBD regimen.
  • Convenient access to the most recent regimen. medibles new mobile app stores the most current regimen for easy viewing and quick access. This optimized experience features improved data integration and better use of customer data stored in the medibles platform.
  •  Simple User interface. medibles mobile app implements the highest-rated user interface with a modern, simple, and clean design. This interface includes a modern and professional feel, company colors, minimalistic icons, and the lightweight sans serif typeface. 
  • Easy Daily Journal Entry. medibles mobile has expanded to include a more effortless and faster entry for inputting the user’s daily experience to monitor the effect of the recommended CBD dosage. This includes straightforward methods with extended support from our medical professionals.
  • Ability to Schedule Reminders. medibles mobile app permits consumers to schedule a regimen or a journal reminder to ensure the dosage protocol is working. If changes are needed, the issue can be identified quickly, and the CBD regimen can be adjusted for a better customer experience.

This best-in-class mobile health and fitness app serves as the catalyst for medibles entire focus — transforming how consumers take their CBD. medibles launch of the new app is the first step in many changes as the company moves to be a mobile-friendly platform. medibles is dedicated to transformational change using science and technology to become a leader in the cannabis and hemp industry. To learn more, please visit


About medibles


medibles is a next-generation subscription-based platform provider that supplies CBD products such as edibles, capsules, concentrates, tinctures, and more for your health and wellness. We offer a personalized CBD program that provides an online health assessment using our proprietary algorithm, a doctor-recommended CBD regimen routine, and a monthly home delivery service. Our doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare experts on our Medical Advisory Board created an online health assessment algorithm using its combined years of professional expertise, science, and technology. Along with analyzed peer-reviewed scientific studies, current and ongoing research, more than thousands of potential medication interactions, and input provided by clients to recommend a monthly personalized CBD dosage regimen delivered to the customer. medibles is available on both iOS and Android, or visit our site. Follow us on LinkedinFacebookTwitterInstagram, or YouTube.


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