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Full Spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD

When shopping for CBD, you may have noticed the different cannabinoid spectrum options. The terminology used to describe CBD and the seemingly ever-expanding product lines may make purchasing CBD increasingly complicated and confusing. This article will clear up any confusion about CBD and help you differentiate between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD.
Both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum refer to types of extracts or concentrates. They indicate the amount of plant-produced chemicals present in addition to CBD and or THC. To better understand Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD, we will first explain the Entourage Effect.


CBD and THC may be the most well-known cannabinoids, but they are only two of over 100 cannabinoids that the cannabis plant contains.

The Entourage Effect is defined as the enhanced effects of cannabinoids, such as CBD, when multiple compounds such as terpenes (the aromatic compounds found in plants) and flavonoids (compounds in plants that give plants their pigmentation) work synergistically rather than alone. The Entourage Effect is why manufacturers try to extract and retain as much of the native plant compounds as possible.


Full Spectrum CBD contains the maximum amount of native plant compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids, including up to .3% THC. Full Spectrum extracts tend to be darker in color and more earthy in taste.

Other cannabinoids found in Full Spectrum CBD include the following:

Cannabinol (CBN)- Known for its relaxing qualities, Cannabinol is made from oxidized THC.

Cannabigerol (CBG) – A cannabinoid produced from cannabigerolic acid.

Cannabidiol Acid (CBDA)- Non-psychoactive compound that is the precursor to CBD and is found in raw cannabis.


Broad Spectrum CBD contains a large amount of the native plant compounds but without the THC. There is still some of the Entourage Effect even with the absence of THC. Hemp-derived CBD, which contains less than .3% THC, is the basis for most Broad Spectrum CBD. Broad Spectrum CBD tends to be a bit lighter in color than Full Spectrum, and the flavor profile is slightly lighter but still earthy in taste.

Broad Spectrum CBD is great for people who want to take advantage of the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD without the THC accumulating within their system from daily use.


The THC content is the most significant difference between Full-Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD. Therefore, a broad Spectrum may be your best bet if you are sensitive to THC. However, if you want the maximum effect of the Entourage Effect, Full Spectrum could be a better option.

Be sure to speak to your physician prior to starting any CBD regimen.


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