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Does CBD Help with Focus and Concentration?

It seems like there are more distractions than ever in today’s world. Whether it’s family members asking for help with something or a distracting environment at work that makes you feel less productive even when working from home, the struggle is real! A recent study revealed that 50% of workers had been affected by some form of distraction while they do their job, and this number will only continue to increase as mental health becomes more commonplace in society for a variety of reasons including COVID-19.

We all know how hard staying focused can sometimes be, especially if we’re constantly being pulled away into other things going on around us – whether these involve others demanding attention right away (eagerly awaiting news), etc.

The research on the effect of CBD on focus?

Distractions are an inevitable part of the workweek. But we can still make our lives easier by taking time for ourselves and staying focused on what matters most, even in a crowded space with hundreds or thousands of people around us at any given moment.

A lot has been said about distractions – from chatty co-workers sowing seeds into your ear (distracting) to smartphones beckoning us away when we’re trying to stay productive in meetingsbut this article will show how a natural remedy may allow you to maintain focus while working hard elsewhere too.

What is CBD? 

CBD, short for cannabidiol oil and hemp plants, has been cultivated since ancient times as people discovered its medicinal properties. It’s used to find relief from symptoms such a pain relief or anti-inflammatory effects on rheumatic conditions like arthritis or pains associated with menstrual periods. Did you know there is also evidence suggesting it could help focus our mind more easily when needed to accomplish tasks at work without getting too distracted throughout the day

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a network of neurotransmitters and receptors that regulate everything from stress levels, moods, sleep patterns—to exercise performance. CBD interacts with our ECS so we can feel more relaxed or focused depending on what it’s going on internally at any given time. 

A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology has shown that CBD can increase blood flow to one’s brain, particularly important for those suffering from memory problems. Subjects also had faster reaction times when completing tasks designed to check cognition and attention span.

The National Institutes of Health recently published a report that shows how CBD can help with mental health and sharpness. In addition, the study reveals new information about brain growth, explaining why some people experience anxiety on occasion or have a greater focus on specific tasks than others do.

New research published in the Journal of Cannabis suggests that people who use CBD have better “attention, executive function (self-regulated), working memory” as well as episodic memories than others.* A team led by Doctors Pierre David & Ann Khairy studied 60 adults over 12 weeks while taking capsules containing 0mg/Day THC or 16 mg doses each day showed how CBD helped with attention and learning capacity.

How much CBD should I take? 

There is no one-size-fits-all when taking CBD. This is because every person’s body will react differently, so what works well in one may or may not work at all on another individual- even if they have the same ailment or condition. To find out how your particular metabolism processes Capsules/Oils like these specifically meant for mental enhancement purposes, then go ahead and take our online health assessment. Our proprietary algorithm created by our Medical Advisory Board will provide a personalized CBD regimen recommendation just for you. Again, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Also, we independently test for purity, guaranteeing what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.

With that said, CBD has been shown to help people who have trouble focusing. It does this by working with our endocannabinoid system and supporting focus, which can be helpful in everyday life as well as occasional anxiety or stress situations we all face from time to time. medibles™ offers excellent products that will support healthy concentration, including their Apple and Strawberry Lemon CBD Gummies. Please visit and take the online health assessment for a personalized CBD protocol for more information on their offer. 

Lastly, medibles offers 30 mg of CBD oil in capsules that are easy to swallow and THC-free. Their products contain only the beneficial properties of hemp, without any unpleasant taste or aftertaste. You can also order their high potency tinctures which will help improve your focus quickly with just one dose*. 

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